'The Argyle' - Hand-turned Timber Lamp Base


This stunning timber lamp base is our very own LightenUp design. It has been lovingly hand-turned by Traditional Turnings in Melbourne and creatively wired courtesy of Creative Cables in Brisbane. 'The Arglye' is named after the property my sisters and I grew up on in the western foothills of the Warrumbungles in NSW.

The base has a rustic style enhanced with a wax finish to bring out the timber grain. It stands 41cm tall to where the shade sits on the base, suitable for shades of 30 or 35cm diameter.

As the lamp bases are handmade each one is slightly different and may have some imperfections due to the nature of the wood and the hand-turning process. But that’s what makes them so unique and why we love them!

All bases have been tested and tagged.